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The first African American to head a major music society: The Society for American Music (formerly the Sonneck Society, elected Jan 21, 1998), Dr. Rae Linda Brown has been recognized and lauded as a scholar, educator, and administrator. 


Her pioneering research on Florence Price culminated in the posthumous publication of her book The Heart of a Woman (2020), and was received as an important contribution to the dialogue on American music.


"Groundbreaking; A fascinating glimpse of African American cultural life in the early twentieth century; Painstaking research; Astute assessments of Price’s musicology; Profound insights on the intersection of race, gender, class; A monumental text about the life of one of America’s greatest Black composers."


Below are some of the acknowledgments and awards Brown has received for her work.

Honorable mention: the Society for American Music 2022 Irving Lowens Book  Award 

Book Prize Winner:  The International Alliance for Women in Music 2022 Pauline Alderman Award 

Featured in Music in Black American Life,
1600-1945, published in 2022.

Awarded the Price Award for Outstanding Service to the Music and Legacy of Florence Beatrice Price in the Area of Scholarship. 2020

Annual Dr. Rae Linda Brown Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Showcase at Pacific Lutheran University, 2017 -

Mentioned in The New Yorker -  "Black Scholars Confront White Supremacy in Classical Music"

Mentioned in Classical Voice North America  -  "In Florence Price, a Composer Ripe for Rediscovery"

Mentioned in Chicago Tribune  -  "Flashback: With a CSO concert in 1933, Black composer Florence Price’s career hit a history-making crescendo. The world is finally rediscovering her gifts."

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